Bear Transportation LLC’s Less Than Truckload services are at par with excellence and meet customer expectation in every possible way. We take pride in providing logistics services which are temperature controlled and safe in all situations.

Here at Bear Transportation, we don’t believe in stacking your freight with many others while covering miles but on our way we keep on delivering trust and respect. For us, both our customers and drivers are important. Our LTL services are committed to speedy delivery but not speed as it might harm.

With years of experience, our team of seasoned professionals saves time and money of our customers which are both e-commerce and retail businesses. Proficient drivers of ours take care of road rules so that deliveries are not delayed for they know your consignments are important and valuable. For us, no load is too small or too big.

Trucking Logistics Company
Trucking Logistics Company


Bear Transportation LLC has a strong hold of Full Truck Load services. We can move anything to everything in different parts of the country. What you can think to move, we can move it for you. Our dedicated team of professionals ensures that seamless movements of your heavy consignments are made. For this, we abide by the rules of transportation laid down by federal and state government(s) both.

According to the size of carriage and requirement of the customers, whether it will be shipped with other shipments or in a separate truck or trailer will be decided. For building trust in our services we provide consistent tracking of your consignments.

Even if the goods are hazardous, we can transit them with utmost safety. Rest assured for your special shipment needs, we master in customized solutions too.

General freight service

Bear Transportation LLC is into general freight services. We have earned repute in the category by providing exceptional services for years. We render an array of flexible and reliable general freight transport and logistic services to several industries.

Our dedicated and skilled team understands the pivotal role of getting your merchandise goods to be delivered on time. Considering the same, they do not leave any stone unturned to emphasize smooth shipping for each one of our customers.

At Bear Transportation LLC, trucks and trailers are manned with skilled and experienced drivers. Our services can be availed in multiple locations and we are available to cater to all your transportation needs. We serve same day delivery schedules along with express services. We go an extra mile to keep your reputation intact for as a business we thrive with your growing satisfaction only.

Trucking Logistics Company
Trucking Logistics Company

Cardboard trash

Are you not sure what to do with piles of cardboard after moving to a new place? Don’t worry we can collect and take them away to help keep your space neat and tidy. Towing huge and difficult-to-manage cardboard trash is what we do with superior skills.

Trained team of ours does not take too long to help you get rid of all the unwanted boxes in and around your home or factory. They should be just shown which boxes you don’t need any further and they will remove them at a superfast pace for recycling the trash.

No environment-friendly person will ever discard the large cardboard boxes in their vicinity. We care for our customers and the environment too and hence, we are presenting ourselves to be the most effective and cost-friendly cardboard removal business.

Dry Van's trailers

Bear Transportation LLC has proven expertise in dry van trailers. We are the preferred partners of various businesses and industries. Some goods demand more safety in comparison to others and that is when dry vans come into picture.

Non-perishable goods that need special protection can be hauled into these close and huge trailers. Within the Bear Transportation LLC family, dry van trailers are the most popular as they are highly versatile and are theft-proof.

Our super talented team of proficient people makes it a point that we are second to none in the category. Fleet at Bear Transportation LLC consists of light-weight, durable and high-performance dry vans. We can load and transport anything from non-perishable foods to garments, machinery and much more.

Best LTL Freight Carriers
Best LTL Freight Carriers

Power only

Ready with shipment and trailer but you are still waiting for a compatible truck and driver. Don’t worry we have handled such situations multiple times before as well. We are a trusted name in South Carolina in the power only trucking category.

Depending on the load you may need a single or many drivers at the same time. Rest assured we are ready for bulk requirement too. Waiting with a ready shipment to be loaded and transited to its destination is frustrating and it equals losses.

As our team works out to establish which truck will suit your requirement best, you can help them with sharing certain specifications such as load and weight. This will help the companies which are looking for movement of more trailers at a time. Our power only service works best for the businesses that are ought to handle unexpected cargo that needs to be transited.

Paper Rolls

Bear Transportation LLC has entered its name in the books of successful paper roll transporters too. Gigantic rolls of paper are extremely challenging to be lifted and shifted from one place to other. But our highly trained team of professionals does it effortlessly.

We have a separate team working exclusively to handle the oversize paper rolls usually common at printing units. Logistic experts working with us do not hesitate looking at the size of order. They have gained experience and trust of our customers for best handling of paper rolls.

We are an equipped company to deal with the heavy rolls of paper with utmost precision. We serve surprisingly well to unique needs of our paper industry customers.

Best LTL Freight Carriers
Best LTL Freight Carriers

Pet Foods

Pets are cute and loyal. While you continue to give them love and time, our patronized services get them transported without delay and decay. We promise you perfect delivery of your pet food, as our dedicated team in action looks into it.

Ensuring safety of pet foods on busy roads and through different stages of transportation can be tricky. But no longer with us because Bear Transportation LLC is well known for best handling and safety practices of pet foods.

Our educated and certified staff keeps abreast of the regulatory and additional food hygiene and safety policies and phases of supply chain. Furthermore, making use of climate-controlled vehicles enables us to meet expected order fulfillment.